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Why You Should Renew Your Health Insurance Policy Using An App?

Insurance policies are important pieces of financial security that everybody needs. And among the different types of insurance, health insurance is, according to many, the most important type of health insurance. It is the answer to all those phrases like ‘health is wealth’. Being as important as it is, nobody would want to lose it and have to buy it again through the entire process of payments, verifications, and waiting periods.

Hence, insurance providers offer this solution to existing policy holders of renewing their current policy. This way they don’t to go back to the start of the process and do it all over again. However, even renewal has its own share of ordeals that have to go through. So, many insurance providers have gone ahead and tried to solve that problem too. This solution comes in the form of mobile apps.

While you may be familiar with apps for social media or online food ordering, many insurance providers have offered customers another way to interact with them. These apps can help you do anything you would need to regarding your insurance policy, including renewal. However, given that these apps are very new, customers often feel skeptical of making big transactions like a renewal through them. However, here are a few reasons they should:

Upgrading plans

While man see renewals as a formality, it can also serve as an opportunity. Think back to when you were buying your health insurance policy. You probably were not aware of the various nuances of how to make the most of your purchase. Additionally, you may not have an idea who the right person is to guide you through it. Hence, you ended up taking a basic policy that reduces your hassles.

However, now, you know how your policy can be better and these apps serve as a perfect medium to pursue the idea. Hence, renewal through an app allows you to upgrade your health insurance policy as you wish to.

Information access

While many believe renewal to be an act, it is actually a process. A process that requires you to procure information and proof of that information. This information includes details regarding your policy like the policy number, coverage terms, and much more.

In a regular renewal, you would have to procure your policy documents along with other paperwork.  This means you have to dig through the tons of paperwork that you have in your cabinet and find the right one. Moreover, that paperwork should still be relevant. All of this means that renewing your own policy can be a daunting task.

On the other hand, your insurance provider’s app already stores all the details regarding your policy. Hence, you do not have to go through the process of providing documents again and again just to continue having the benefits of your health plan.

Quick processing

The traditional way of renewal is that you have to run around filling forms and submitting document in a hurry so that you don’t lose your coverage. Even then, the processing of it all takes a long time and you are still at a risk of coverage lapse.

Even if you use digital mediums like websites and emails, it takes a while for the insurer to contact you back and get the process going. And once they do, the process is too long. In such a scenario, an app can do wonders for you.

All you have to do is download the app, enter your policy details, and use the renewal feature. The feature allows you to modify your policy to your liking and requests you to make your payment. Once the payment is complete, the process is completed. Where a traditional renewal process would take days or even weeks, you can get renewal done in a matter of minutes. Moreover, once the renewal is complete, you get your new policy documents immediately through email or other digital mediums.

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