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Should I Buy Travel Insurance When Heading on a Cruise?

 Cruises are the ultimate form of travel when it comes to relaxation and leisure. Getting some sun while lounging on the deck seems like the perfect way to unwind. However, cruises, like any other form of travel, come with their share of risks and perils. Weather issues, seasickness, natural calamities, and so on are common occurrences on cruises. These factors may likely cause you to worry about your holiday plans. Travel insurance can help you out in such a scenario.  A good travel insurance policy will provide financial protection against unforeseen risks and emergencies that might occur during your cruise. 


In case you are wondering whether it would be worth it to get travel insurance when you are heading on a cruise, the following points may be of help. 


#1- Travel insurance will help you out in case of medical emergencies


Medical emergencies can occur at any time. The sea air and the continuous moving of the ship might cause health issues for you or your companions. Medical treatment on cruises can result in heavy bills for you. A travel insurance policy will take care of urgent medical expenses so that you can focus on rest and recovery instead of the finances. In the case of a medical emergency that might require the patient to be evacuated to another medical institution, travel insurance will take care of the hospitalization as well as the evacuation expenses. 


#2 -Travel insurance will cover for you if you cancel your cruise


Any number of things can come up before your cruise that might cause you to cancel it. A sudden illness, a family emergency, and so on. With travel insurance, you will be able to cancel your cruise for personal reasons without any worry of hefty cancellation charges by the cruise liner. 


#3 – Travel insurance will cover you in case of cruise delay, cancellation, or interruption


You are all excited to embark on the cruise and you suddenly come to know that because of a cyclone warning, the cruise has been delayed by a day. If you have travelled far from home for this cruise, you may have to spend the day in a hotel. With travel insurance, your hotel and related expenses will be covered. Similarly, if your cruise gets cancelled or interrupted due to natural calamities at sea like cyclones, hurricanes, and so on, your travel insurance will cover for you.


#4 – Travel insurance will compensate for loss of baggage and passport


There is a chance that you might lose your baggage while embarking on your cruise – you may misplace it or the cruise authorities might mistakenly route your baggage the wrong way. In such a scenario, your travel insurance will help you track your baggage. If the baggage has been lost, then the insurer will compensate you for the essential items in the baggage up to policy limits. You may also be required to carry your passport while on an international cruise and in case it is lost, the insurance provider will assist you in getting you a new one.


# 5 – Travel insurance will take care of damages and personal liabilities


While on the cruise, your hand or foot might slip and mistakenly cause harm to another person or damage cruise property. In such a scenario, your travel insurance will take care of any third-party liability.


As they say, travel is an investment. It would be the right thing to do to protect that investment by buying travel insurance for your cruise. 

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