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Mutual Fund SIP Calculator 2022 SIP Return Calculator

Regular investment is one of the best routines to establish. A Systematic Investment Plan, or SIP, is the perfect investment tool to keep you invested in this. With our SIP calculator, you may estimate the amount that will grow from your monthly investment.

What is a SIP Calculator?

Investors and consumers can use the SIP calculator to evaluate the mutual fund returns on investments made via the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

The returns on your SIP investments can be calculated using a sophisticated and straightforward instrument called a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator. You could estimate how much money you would need to put aside each month to achieve your goal. It’s a practical tool for accomplishing your financial objectives quickly. You can quickly determine the projected returns on your investment by providing a few simple facts.

Types of SIPs available

The four varieties of SIPs that are most frequently sold on the market are as follows:

Flexible SIP:

With a flexible SIP, you can adjust the SIP investment amount.

Step-Up SIP:

You can raise your SIP investment amounts at predetermined intervals by using a step-up, also known as a top-up SIP.

Perpetual SIP:

A perpetual SIP is one that never ends. Therefore, there is no set duration or completion date for your SIP investment.

Trigger SIP:

An investment that uses a trigger SIP is based on the trigger events you specify. You may, for instance, set a trigger that, if a scheme’s NAV drops to a certain level, the SIP should be doubled.

Benefits Of SIP Calculator Online

1) The systematic investment plan calculator makes it easy to get a good idea of how much will have been accumulated once all periodic payments have been made for the selected term.

2) You can select the best mutual fund scheme by estimating future value or the maturity amount.

3) The SIP calculator is simple to use and is available everywhere. When you need to execute complicated computations, it greatly reduces your time commitment.

4) To help you decide more wisely before investing, the SIP calculator offers both graphical and tabular representations of the return estimates.

5) Using the SIP calculator online, you can get estimates using three growth scenarios, such as above-average, average, and below-average returns. You can choose the investment strategy best suits your needs and get started.

6) You can explore various return possibilities and decide on an acceptable investment strategy using the free SIP calculator available online.

How to Use the SIP Return Calculator?

The SIP computation is simple and practical for novice and new investors to estimate the returns on mutual fund investment. To obtain an estimate of the return on your investments in mutual fund schemes made using SIPs, you must take the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Decide your SIP frequency (Systematic Investment Plan).

Step 2: Enter the amount you would want to invest through a SIP in a mutual fund.

Step 3: Enter the mutual fund’s tenure through SIP.

Step 4: Enter the investment’s anticipated rate of return.

If you have completed the steps above, the SIP calculator will compute the return and show the amount accrued after the SIP tenure. You will see a comparison between fixed deposits and SIP investments in mutual funds. You can use a SIP calculator to help you make calculated judgments that will help you make smart investments in mutual fund schemes.



Calculating the returns on investments in mutual funds is very simple and convenient when using the SIP calculator. To calculate the precise return, you must specify the parameters, including the investment amount, duration, frequency, and expected returns.

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