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How to pay UP road tax online?

What is UP Road Tax? 

In UP road tax is applicable on vehicles, both two-wheeler and four-wheelers, whether for commercial use or personal use. These road taxes are levied by the state government and central government which is why it’s different in every state.  Vehicles used to transport goods and services as well as vehicles used for personal purposes, both have to pay the road tax. Every individual has to pay the road tax at the time of buying the vehicles. These taxes are additional taxes other than ex-showroom price and registration charges an individual pays.

Why is UP Road Tax Applied?

The road tax applied on the vehicle in Uttar Pradesh depends on the kind of vehicle it is and whether it’s for personal use or whether it is used for goods transportation or any other commercial purpose. Road tax levied on commercial vehicles is different from the vehicle used for personal purposes. The tax charges also vary depending on the model of the vehicle, its seating capacity and engine capacity. You don’t have to go anywhere to pay the taxes. The road tax can be paid online comfortably from anywhere.

Following are the UP Road Tax Charged on Two-Wheelers:

  • A vehicle weighing 90.72 kg is charged Rs.150 as road tax in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh tax applied on the two-wheeler that costs Rs.0.20 Lakh is charged 2% of the vehicle’s value.
  • 4% of the vehicle’s value is applied on the cars that cost between Rs. 0.20 Lakh and Rs 0.60 Lakhs.
  • Vehicles that cost between Rs. 0.60 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakhs are charged 6% of the vehicle’s value.
  • Vehicles that cost above Rs. 2 Lakh are charged 6% of the vehicle’s value.

Following are the UP Road Tax Charged on Four-Wheelers:

  • A car that costs up to Rs. 6 Lakhs is charged 3% of the vehicle’s value.
  • Four-wheelers that fall in the price bracket of Rs. 6 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs are charged 6% of the vehicle’s value.
  • Four-wheelers that cost between Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs are charged 8% of the vehicle’s value.
  • A car that costs above 20 Lakhs is charged UP road tax of 9% of the vehicle’s value.

How Do You Pay Uttar Pradesh Road Tax?

If you are purchasing a private vehicle in the state of Uttar Pradesh you can pay the UP road tax at the time of registration of the vehicle. You will have to pay the registration fees along with the UP road tax.

The Bottom Line:

You can pay the UP road tax at the time of buying the vehicle. It’s the additional tax levied by the state and central government on the people of Uttar Pradesh. Every state has their taxes just like the UP road tax. If you own a private vehicle your road tax will be different from the commercial vehicle’s road tax. Two-wheelers have to pay a different amount of road tax than four-wheelers. UP Vahan tax is applicable to all vehicles in the state of Uttar Pradesh. For more information, you can check the RTO office on Finserv MARKETS.

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