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For Simplicity In Your Financial Portfolio, Invest In Some Gold Today.

There seems to be a lot of economic uncertainty in the world today, and with the ongoing trade war with two of the world’s biggest economies, things seem to be going back and forward on a regular basis and not in a positive way. We all need certainty in our lives or at least something that closely resembles it. As we plan for the future, we need to be investing in something that has proven itself to be reliable over the past years, but finding something like that can be a little difficult. However, gold always seems to perform like we expect it to and apart from a few lows and highs over the years, it has stayed fairly constant.

As part of any balanced financial portfolio, it makes sense to invest in some gold that you can hopefully, sell off to the Melbourne gold buyers and create some liquidity should you need cash to invest in your business or other interests. Historically, over the years, gold has out-performed other commodities and investments, and that continues to happen even now. There are a wealth of reasons, why gold is a wise investment and we will explore some of them here today.

  • For an investor, having liquid assets in a financial portfolio cannot be overstated and gold provides such liquidity. It is an acceptable form of currency all over the world and as long as you have some gold in your possession, you cannot go wrong. As inflation rises in Australia, so too will the price of gold and any cash that you have will certainly devalue. Gold is one of the safest ways to hedge against currency fluctuations and it has been long recognised as a wise investment.
  • If you look at the alternatives like depositing your money in a bank, you will be offered low interest that will never beat the profits that can be generated from owning gold. Any financial advisor will tell you to invest in gold as a way to spread risk across all your financial assets. In the last banking collapse that we had here in Australia, gold held its value and it rose in value as well. Gold has always been sought as a safe investment and investing in physical gold that you can hold in your hand is your best bet.
  • The tax benefits of investing in gold are great and you can avoid inheritance tax here in Australia if you give physical gold to your loved ones. There is an allowable upper limit that you can gift to your family members, but you must gift it within a certain time window. You can also get tax relief if you buy gold to invest in your pension.

For the investment that just keeps on giving, invest some of your savings into gold. It is something that you can hold in your hand and sell anytime that you need the money quickly and easily. You will not be disappointed.







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