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Best foreign MNC stocks listed in Indian stock exchange

Foreign MNCs carry a solid parentage, have unique technological expertise, have asset-light business functions and, of course, a positive brand image. They have had a significant impact on the Indian market as they are very well capitalised, offer consistent dividends and have significantly less exposure to debts.

MNCs have made a mark for themselves in the Indian landscape by introducing cutting-edge technology. Having a wide moat and a robust balance sheet allows them to withstand many challenges – even a negative turnaround in one country for such a stock would not affect an aggregate level. They have contributed to the overall economic boost and allowed more disposable income in the commoner’s hands by way of enhanced employment experience.

Though there are several listed MNC companies in India, a few stand out in their performance. When you are making important stock market investment decisions, you need to consider different factors, with top MNCs being one of them.

  • Hindustan Unilever Limited 
  • HUL is one of the largest FMCG giants. HUL offers several products across beauty & personal care, home care and foods and refreshments.
  • With several of its top running brands having a turnover of Rs. 2,000+ crores each, the company has a solid cash management system.
  • Maintaining an adequate operating margin (average) of 20% approx., it has surpassed all its competitors. HUL has a highly effective and efficient supply chain network, which has increased the nation’s employability quotient.
  • The shares of HUL have been trading at a record high PE of 70 and EPS being almost 34.02.
  • Current market cap – 5,66,204 crore
  • Current share price – Rs. 2,409
  • All time high & low – (52 week) H:2859 L: 2043
  • Dividend yield – 1.29

  • Bata India Limited
  • Bata has a long history of presence in India—almost 90 years in business.
  • Having an expansive and sizable retail line, the distribution network is very diverse.
  • The profit growth of the last three years has been moving around approx 28%.
  • As of March 2021 close, Bata India reported a solid liquidity cushion of Rs. 1,096 cash.
  • Current market cap – 25,666 crore
  • Current share price – Rs. 1,993.70
  • All time high & low – (52 week) H:2212 L: 1263
  • Dividend yield – 0.20

  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Colgate-Palmolive has its headquarters in Park Avenue in New York City’s Midtown.
  • A wide distributor, manufacturer, and provider of healthcare, veterinary products and personal care products, it has a promising ROE of 88.7%, surpassing its own 5-years average of 55%.
  • PE of the company’s shares stood at 47.15 while Sector PE was 68.30, comparatively moderate.
  • Current market cap – 41,484 crore
  • Current share price – Rs. 1,525.15
  • All time high & low – (52 week) H:1823.40 L: 1462.05
  • Dividend yield – 2.49

  • Nestle
  • PAT has grown at a CAGR of almost 18.6% in the last half-decade
  • It has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.07 – making it virtually debt-free
  • The company is trading at a premium valuation higher than that of the industry average
  • Current market cap – 182,225 crore
  • Current share price – Rs. 18,897.05
  • All time high & low – (52 week) H:20,609.15 L: 16,002.15
  • Dividend yield – 1.06

  • Honeywell Automation India Ltd. (HAIL)
  • The sales & profits have grown at almost 6.5% and 34% respectively during the last five years.
  • ROE & ROCE have been 19.5% and 30.6%, respectively
  • Current market cap – 37,586 crore
  • Current share price – Rs. 42,475.25
  • All time high & low – (52 week) H:49,990 L: 27,850
  • Dividend yield – 0.20

We have had a brief observation of the listed MNC companies in India and their performance in the stock market today. Let us now look at the list of foreign companies listed in the Indian stock market.

(This list is from the top 50 MNC companies listed in India)

  1. ABB India
  2. P&G Hygiene and Health care Ltd.
  3. Bosch Ltd.
  4. Nestle India Ltd.
  5. Castrol India Ltd.
  6. Gillette India Ltd.
  7. Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
  8. Oracle Financial services software Ltd.
  9. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  10. Abbott India Ltd.

These are some of the outperforming companies and preferred by investors who are looking to invest in stocks. For more information regarding their past performances and results, you could always reach out to financial experts who can curate stock market investment plans that are in line with your financial goals and risk appetite.

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